Authentic weddings

    In events, we have been culturally conditioned to believe that a guest, meeting planner or bride is always right. I’m not promoting disagreement or defending what is often the solution, but we have forgotten how to allow our employees and our customers to live authentically. 

And we have forgotten that, at a basic level, we are just truly human. 

We need to retrain the industry as a whole that we, in fact, control nothing, and the mere fact that we believe that we can control thoughts, emotions, and ultimate behaviors is scary. 

Every day in business we do absolutely everything to ensure the out- come of our actions with complete confidence.

However, living authentically will not only allow us to accept that we can’t control anything, but in that release of pressure, we can be kinder people to each other. 

Above passage from the book "Right Lane Must Exit"  chapter about authentic weddings, by Eric Swan


We only work with a few selected couples a year.

Vendors costs will be transparent. We have no markup’s on any vendor services provided. 

To work with us, the investment is $12,000 a wedding. This includes our overhead and profit. no additional fees or percentages. 

email Eric directly if you are interested

on a budget? has a month to month consulting service for $99 a month for information and guidance. 

Weddings will always be our first love and the couples we work with continue to inspire us.

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